• The Path to Project Freedom

Features Overview

  • Dashboards

    See at a glace the status of all projects, teams, and users. Manage your priorities and tasks via a single page interface. Make quick decisions and provide project status updates on request, with up to the minute task information. Or use your To Do list to see all tasks assigned to you and your teams. Scheduled, open, completed or overdue, see it all summarized. A variety of reports are provided to expand the management and decision making process as well as handling the day to day tasks and activities.

  • Notifications

    Ever missed a task or a deadline? Not anymore with the built-in mechanism for notifications in Project Studio. Configure multiple location boxes to receive notifications and define notification rules at different levels: global, project, folder, or task. Get notified when a new task is assigned or an existing task status changes. And if this is not enough use the additional capability to receive immediate notifications on your desktop via KlipFolio. Fast and convenient it lets you know what is going on with your projects.

  • Task Management

    Managing tasks is the center piece of Project Studio. It provides a convenient and user friendly interface to enter and edit tasks. Most of the information on the screen can be pre-populated for the user if proper defaults are set and a workflow is configured. The Quick Tasks side bar provides a context sensitive list of the most commonly used functions, as well as additional information for users. Move the task to the next level with one click over the defined workflow step, or switch the users when in a discussion. Add attachments related to the task or set up notifications to see the updates or progress.

  • Users and Teams

    Project Studio provides quick and easy set up for project area users and teams. Create user profiles, set up defaults, configure notifications, and set up dashboards with just a few clicks. Grouping users in teams helps mapping the project area to match your team infrastructure. Assign user permissions and project access per user and per team.

  • Reports

    There are variety of reports available. All reports can be previewed on screen, printed, or exported. You can see at a glance all of your tasks, including details and comments; a planning task list to allocate resources; project timing with estimated and actual hours; billing reports for billable hours; user workload to plan timing and delivery.


How to reassign all tasks from one user to another?

  1. Search all items that are assigned to the first user.
  2. Use the Global Set function to assign them to the second user.

What happens with all assigned tasks if I delete a user or a team?

When a user or a team is deleted you will be prompted to reassign all tasks that belong to that user or team.

What happens to all project tasks if I delete a project?

When a project is deleted you will be prompted to move all tasks to another project or to delete them.